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Actually, maybe the site's incompleteness is a good metaphor for my life these days. I am perpetually under construction. I guess I used to subconsciously think that I'd be properly “done” at some point, like a building or a roast beef or a biscuit. But now I know that life's sweet moments are right in the ongoing, messy process of growth, in the flux of busy days full of smiles, sorrows, and so many things that are just plain strange.

I wish you joy in your own journey, however wild or proper it may be. Thanks for visiting; I wish I could offer a cup of coffee or a good chunk of chocolate. But do come back. We promise that we'll soon have all our buttons clicking and our links linking!

—Ellen Vaughn
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#1 New York Time Best-selling Author

It's All About Him by Denise Jackson and Ellen Vaughn It's All About Him: Finding The Love of My Life, co-written by Denise Jackson and Ellen Vaughn, reached #1 on The New York Times Bestseller list in its first week of release.
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The new book from author Ellen Vaughn

Time Peace by Ellen Vaughn
Time Peace: Living here and now with a timeless God.

How do you feel about time? The hurrieder you go, the behinder you get?

Many of us chafe at time's passage. We feel like we don't have enough time, or that time is running out. We're anxious about the future, or we feel regret about the past.

If faith is about a relationship with a limitless, eternal God, how can finite human beings really connect with Him and enjoy His peace, right in today's time-crunched culture?

In a unique and witty way, Time Peace touches on timekeeping through history. It soars through the space-time continuum. It explores how science and philosophy illuminate the unique biblical distinctive about time. It helps readers take these truths and apply them to everyday life, freeing us to live at peace in time and to leave a legacy that lasts for eternity.
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“Ellen's best work yet!”

As an old friend and colleague of Ellen Vaughn I am hardly unbiased, but this is one of the most significant and thought-provoking Christian books I have read. Writing in her usual captivating style, Ellen has made what could be a difficult subject very accessible. The book has had a powerful spiritual impact on me, causing me to re-think the way in which I think about God, particularly in my prayer life...

Charles W. ColsonHaving read Time Peace, I am left with awe and wonder. I highly recommend this book. Give it to your friends. Ellen has written some fine things over the years. This is far and away her best work.

Chuck Colson
Founder, Prison Fellowship